Pure electric – E-bus

E-bus is one of the news released by Eletra, and it was launched in late 2013. The first Brazilian electric bus 100% battery-powered is the result of the partnership with the Japanese companies Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Corporation.

The pure electric bus is tractioned by an electric motor whose single power source is accumulated onboard inside a battery pack. The traction system is the same one applied to trolleybus, although it does not require an aerial network and is capable of transiting in anywhere.

E-bus has zero pollutant gas emission and its energy is provided from a set of 14 batteries that need only 3 hours to fully recharge, which ensures an operational autonomy of 200 km. The vehicle also has a fast recharge system that takes only 5 minutes and provides an extra 11 km autonomy.

The bus was produced with Mercedes-Benz chassis, Induscar/Caio body and WEG electric motor. E-bus is an articulated vehicle, equipped with air-conditioner and capacity for 150 passengers. Technology behind batteries and recharge stations was designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Chassis, body and the entire traction electric system is manufactured in Brazil in a manner similar to the trolleybus developed by Eletra. Interface between both systems was developed by the engineering of two companies: Eletra and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.